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What Can I do to Help?

We're glad you asked! The 2020 election could be one of the most important in our lifetimes. Here are some ways you can get involved with the BCDP and the election process in general.

1. Volunteer with our Candidates. Do you have some extra time? Any special skills you want to put to good use? Consider volunteering with one or more of our local and state candidates running for office in 2020. Visit their websites for information on how to get involved with their campaigns.

2. Write a blog post for BCDP. Share your experience or expertise on issues that matter the most with an engaged audience of like-minded friends and neighbors or disenfranchised voters out there who are looking for a new perspective. Read our blogging guidelines here.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor. Writing a Letter to the Editor is an important outlet for voicing your support or opposition to a specific issue you are passionate about—locally or nationally. Letters to the Editors reach a wide audience and provide an opportunity to address issues that might not get coverage in news articles or other media. Submit LTEs to each of these three local papers: Wilmington Star News, The Brunswick Beacon, and the State Port Pilot. Be sure and visit their websites for submission guidelines before sending.

4. Attend a precinct meeting. BCDP is asking that our Democratic voters become more engaged with their local party and other Democratic precinct members. By organizing with other democrats in your communities we can win elections! Find contact information for your precinct chairs here. If you are unsure which precinct your belong to, you can look up your voter information record here for the information.

5. Invite an unaffiliated voter to a meeting. Are you already an active member in your precinct? How about reaching out to unaffiliated voters that you meet or speak with and invite them to a precinct meeting or a Democratic candidate meeting that just might inspire them to vote BLUE in 2020!

6. Volunteer with the BCDP. Whether its phone banking or community outreach or voter registration opportunities, there are countless ways to get involved with the BCDP. Sign up here.


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