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The Brunswick County Democratic Party is committed to ensuring that our leaders have the highest ethical standards in theory and practice as well as providing public services to all citizens in a non-discriminatory fashion. Therefore, we:


Fight to protect and enforce EVERYONE's fundamental right to vote. We need to make voter access easier for everyone. We support passing federal legislation that would fix the damage done to the Voting Rights Act. 


Support independent, fair redistricting maps and put an end to gerrymandering. Because the districts have been redrawn to benefit hyper-partisan politicians, many people feel their votes do not count.


Advocate for a fair, unbiased judicial system. Recent laws introduced, which are being challenged, make judicial elections partisan. This law further threatens voters' rights to elect judges. Democrats stand for a fair, honest, and judicial process that is above politics. 


Believe that ALL persons should have equal rights, protections, and opportunities under the law. Democrats oppose any effort to limit or eliminate these fundamental constitutional rights because of gender, race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, religious affiliation, or spiritual beliefs

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