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Our Values

The Brunswick County Democratic Party supports and works hard for elected officials who create policies that provide every man, woman, and child living in our communities an equal opportunity for health and prosperity. The Brunswick County Democratic Party believes that our elected officials have the responsibility to make our public education system world-class, protect our coast against offshore drilling, create a stronger economy, ensure that ALL citizens are treated equally and fairly, and guarantee that everyone has access to healthcare, clean air and safe drinking water.   


Create an economy that works for everyone

Invest in and Improve our infrastructure and broadband access


Support vocational and on-the-job training programs

Raise incomes  so those working full time make a livable wage

Support equal pay for equal work

Fund Workforce Development Programs

Build and fund a world class public education system

Increase teacher salaries to at least the national average

Provide much needed nurses and mental health counselors to keep students healthy and safe

Expand early childhood programs to give all children the same fair start

Fund vocational and technical training programs

Protect our coast from offshore drilling

Demand environmental responsibility for clean air and safe drinking water

Properly fund the Department of Environmental Quality

Expand Medicaid to increase access to healthcare and improve health outcomes

Fund behavioral health needs at proper levels

Combat the opioid crisis and expand access to treatment programs 

Protect and advance reproductive health, rights, and justice.

Pass common-sense gun safety laws.

Protect everyone's right to vote

Produce independent, fair redistricting maps to end gerrymandering

Keep judges and courts fair and independent

Promote equal rights, inclusivity, and protections for all

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