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The Brunswick County Democratic Party is committed to ensuring that ALL of our children have access to quality public education so they can develop their abilities to the greatest possible extent. Therefore we:


Demand that teacher salaries are increased to at least the national average. North Carolina ranks 35th in the nation on average teacher pay. If we want to retain and attract the best possible teachers, we must provide them the salary they deserve. 


Support the proper funding of critical early childhood programs so that parents who are trying to help their children get a quality education have access to those programs. 


Back efforts to reduce class sizes in early elementary grades without cuts to other crucial school programs. Smaller teacher-student ratios allow students to receive better, individualized instruction.


Believe in adding psychologists, counselors, nurses, and social workers at the elementary level to support students educationally, socially, and emotionally during this pivotal developmental period. 


Not everyone wants a four-year college degree. We support the funding of vocational and education programs beginning at the high school level, to prepare students for careers in the trades and industries.

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