Our Elected Officials

After the devastating results of the past general and state elections, Democrats are starting at the grassroots level with a renewed enthusiasm to rebuild our democracy at the local, state, and federal levels. 


At the BCDP, we have been riding this wave since 2018 with Democratic hopefuls who are running to advance the Democratic policies and values of Brunswick County and North Carolina. Learn more about them here

We’re proud of all of our Democratic elected officials who represent us, our families, and our communities every day.  

For more information about ALL elected officials, visit the Brunswick County Board of Elections website 

Governor (2020)

Attorney General (2020)

Secretary of State (2020)

State Auditor (2020)

N.C. House District 8

Ever thought about running for office? 

We need you! From county commissioner to Congress, we need democrats to serve in public office to help move our country forward and ensure that every person has a fair shot at the American dream.