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The Brunswick County Democratic Party is committed to promoting prosperity by bringing more jobs and increasing pay to create an economy that works for everybody. Therefore, we:


Support raising the minimum wage to a living wage so that no one who works a full-time job lives in poverty. The minimum wage in North Carolina hasn't moved in nearly a decade. Livable wages will improve an employees quality of life, boost morale, and make our state more economically competitive.


Demand our tax dollars are spent on investing in upgrading roads, bridges, wastewater systems, public facilities, ports, and schools. Rebuilding our infrastructure puts people to work and ensures our public safety and quality of life.  


Back jobs in the clean energy sector by investing in wind and solar power systems that lower the cost of energy and protect the environment. 


Support fair trade practices and policies that enable ordinary Americans, not big corporations, to compete effectively and fairly in the North Carolina industries and world markets. 


Advocate for Increased access to high-speed broadband in rural communities so students, business owners, and job seekers can use the internet to stay competitive. 


Ensure women are earning equal pay for equal work. On average, North Carolina women make 82 cents to every dollar a man makes, and the average goes down for African-American and Latina women. 


Fund workforce development programs by investing in training and development solutions that help workers adapt to changing skill demands and place them in jobs where they have career opportunities. 

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