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Blogging Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in blogging for Brunswick County Democratic Party! We love having writers who will help us fulfill our mission: recruiting, training, electing, and supporting candidates who are committed to the democratic vision and goals that make life better for ALL people in our communities.

What should I know?

  • Write for our audience. The demographics in Brunswick County are diverse from one end of the county to the other: from young families and professionals in the eastern part of the county to retirees—both transplants and lifelong locals on the western end of the county, to everybody in between. Keep in mind that while you might be writing for a Democratic audience, we would like to attract unaffiliated voters to our blog post as well.

  • Temperament and Tactic. All posts are coming from the Brunswick County Democratic Party Blog site. Because we are a welcoming and inclusive political party, we require posts to be written in a polite, inspiring tone. Please, no snarky, confrontational, insulting or overly sarcastic posts. Write from a personal perspective as much as possible as opposed to a purely policy-centric piece.

  • Topic guidance. We encourage pieces that reflect on personal experiences as they relate to the issues that the BCDP champions: healthcare, jobs, environment, education, and inclusivity.  

  • Write a fresh, relevant piece with practical takeaways. Before writing a blog, check the other posts on our site to make sure the same topic/perspective hasn’t already been covered. If there is an existing post, consider if your take is vastly different and offers a different take.

  • Back it up with facts. It can’t be said enough, in our current reality, false information and fake news are doing a disservice to our country. Please use facts over opinions and anecdotes.

  • Give credit when necessary. If you are encouraging your readers to check out facts, feel free to cite the original source of information.

  • Make it tangible. Make your post relevant with good examples and details.

  • Create an engaging title. Get readers excited about your post.

  • Write just the right amount. Adhere to less than 500 words to keep readers engaged.  


How do I submit a post?

Upload your blog post here: Please include your name and the city/town you are a resident of.

Your content has been submitted

Add a File

What happens next?

All submissions are reviewed by the BCDP Communications Team and approved by the BCDP Chair before we post. We may ask you to make some changes, and we will edit for grammar and consistency when necessary.  

If you have any questions, please email us at: We can’t wait to see what you write!

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