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Biden's historic job creation, Brunswick Beacon letter to the editor

President Biden added 253,000 jobs in April; 12.7 million new jobs in 27 months. That’s the fastest job creation rate for any president in history. Unemployment is just 3.4%. You have to go back to 1952 to find a lower unemployment rate.

In 1952 Americans were still sending CARE packages to rebuild Europe. We still occupied Japan. Korea was an impoverished nation at war. Taiwan’s economy was the size of the Congo’s. In 1952, America’s economy simply had no competition.

When pollsters ask “When WAS America great?” more people pick the ‘50’s than any other decade. But there were recessions in 1953 and 1958. Unemployment for the decade averaged 4.5%. The average unemployment rate for Biden’s presidency is 4.3%, even better than the decade most Americans think of as our greatest.

Biden’s economy is also far better for many Americans who were left behind in the ’50’s. Black unemployment has reached a record low. For women aged 25-54, the jobs participation rate is 77.5%, the highest ever.

Biden has done far more than restore jobs COVID took away. The percentage of people working today is higher than it was before COVID. And, the total number of people working today is higher than the Congressional Budget Office predicted in its last pre-pandemic forecast. That’s especially remarkable because the working population is smaller than expected, as COVID caused 1.13 million premature deaths and a dramatic drop in immigration.

Biden has created six times more jobs than the last three Republican presidents combined. Since 1989, 49 million jobs were created, 96% of them under Democratic presidents!

More jobs are coming, as Biden’s three major jobs programs kick in this year. NC will get at least $27 billion for roads and bridges, CHIPS manufacturing, high-speed rural internet, and clean water and clean energy jobs.

The only thing that can kill those jobs is if Republicans follow Donald Trump’s orders to “do a default” on America’s debt. Tell Republicans, “Don’t make America a deadbeat. Pay your bills. Don’t take away our jobs!”

Michael P. Rush



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