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From our candidate for NC Commissioner of Insurance, Natasha Marcus

A message from Natasha Marcus, Democratic candidate for NC Commissioner of Insurance:

In a recent wave of editorials, my opponent, Mike Causey, has been vocal about the perils of distracted driving during April - Distracted Driving Awareness Month. A noble cause, surely. But when we peel back the curtain on Causey's record, the irony is too glaring to ignore. While advocating for road safety, Causey has navigated a different route for himself, engaging in practices that could easily distract from the real issues at hand.

Mike Causey has charged North Carolina taxpayers for the luxury of a personal driver to take him between his home in Greensboro and work in Raleigh each day — something unheard of among his peers on the Council of State. Even more baffling, he arranged for his friend and personal driver to get paid $84,000 a year and also charged us for numerous, curious out-of-state road trips, including one all the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Causey's travel habits contrast sharply with the campaign I'm running and the way I will use taxpayer funds at the Dept of Insurance. My campaign is people-powered and frugal, ensuring every dollar is spent wisely. When I am Commissioner of Insurance, I will use funds at the agency to prioritize consumer protection and advocacy, not for political friends and travel boondoggles. My focus is always on efficiency and serving the people. 

As your next Insurance Commissioner, I pledge to not only advocate for the safety and well-being of all North Carolinians on the road but to do so with integrity and transparency.

Let's create a future where our leaders practice what they preach, holding themselves to the same standards they set for others. Join me in this journey toward a more accountable, transparent, and people-powered North Carolina.

And please don’t text while driving. 




Learn more about Natasha Marcus HERE. Website:


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