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BCDP in the news! Democrats show up in force to support our Board of Elections director and staff

Brunswick County Democrats prevailed over the GOP's manufactured controversy over participation by our Board of Elections (BOE) in the non-partisan U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence (the Alliance), which was created by and for boards of elections to share best practices. Read our Press Release on the outcome.

The Republican resolution calling on the BOE to withdraw from the Alliance over "election integrity" concerns -- an extension of the Big Lie -- was defeated, 3-2 at the BOE meeting on April 18. (The board has three Democrats, thanks to Governor Cooper's role in appointing county election board chairs.)

Our Communications Team made sure our voices were heard by the press, local papers, etc. And Democrats turned out in force at the April 18 meeting! Board members commented that it was the largest turnout at one of their meetings in over 10 years! Although Democrats make up only 22% of registered voters in Brunswick County, we outnumbered Republicans at the meeting, and the local League of Women Voters had a good showing too. More than 25 Democrats attended, and 10 spoke during public comments (including our previous chair, Eric Terashima; 2nd vice chair, Kristine Garrity; People of Color Coalition chair, Ray Gilbert; and current chair, Shelley Allen), as did multiple LWV members; others submitted comments electronically. All urged the BOE to support our outstanding election staffers, trust their good judgment, disregard spurious "election integrity" concerns, and remain in the Alliance.

Congratulations and thank you to the many BCDP members who showed up at the meeting, delivered remarks, and/or submitted messages to the Board of Elections. Way to go Team Blue!

Your Voice, Your Choice -- THAT'S Democratic!


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