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We asked, and you responded!

When we told Brunswick County Democrats that Anderson Clayton, chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, was coming to our Bolivia headquarters for a visit, Brunswick County Democrats responded with a rousing welcome she’s not likely to forget.

The atmosphere was electric as Brunswick County Chair Shelley Allen introduced the youngest party chair in the nation to an enthusiastic audience on Tuesday. She said Anderson — who is leading a statewide effort to secure a majority for her party in Raleigh and at local levels — is producing results. “With Anderson’s energy and commitment, the chances Democratic candidates will prevail next year and in the years to come are more apparent every day,” Shelley said. “We made the right choice in selecting Anderson to be our state leader.”

Anderson said a major opportunity for her party is to appeal to traditional Democratic values. “We need to understand many voters who could vote Democratic think we don’t value them,” she said, calling for Democrats across the state to reach out to the party’s longtime allies.

Fortunately, Brunswick County Democrats are already doing just that, creating relationships with key constituencies in our community. The Brunswick County Democratic Party is also reaching out to the county with local events like the Workforce Development Forum and September’s Community Heroes Expo, highlighting the work of countywide charities and not-for-profits.

Don’t be surprised if Brunswick County Democrats become more involved with state or even national politics in the months ahead. Anderson’s visit — and our response — has ignited a flame of hope and enthusiasm that will attract more attention from state and national leaders as we move closer to Election Day, 2024.


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