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Veterans Services - Brunswick County Could Do Better

According to a report from WECT, there are 15,000 veterans in Brunswick County. Anita Hartsell, the head of the county’s Veterans’ Services Office, says her office is overloaded and can't service the requests for assistance she is receiving. On Feb. 21, she told the county commissioners the next appointment her office had available to meet with a veteran who needs help was April 18.

Hartsell is a good and responsive advocate, but it’s clear she needs help to do her job. Commissioners Forte and Thompson (both Republicans) said they want to increase the staff for the Veterans Service Office. Forte said he wants to increase staff by two hires. Thompson said, “[It’s important to make] sure that we have the staffing available to address the needs and concerns of those that gave their service to ensure that we’re able to provide a service today.”

If what they say is true, why have they waited until now to push for a bigger staff, and will money for the additional people they say they support be in the new budget?

We’ll keep you posted.


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