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Rouzer's Wrightsville Charade, Brunswick Beacon, March 3, 2022

Florence, Michael, Dorian, Isaias: four hurricanes that did $17 Billion in damage to North Carolina since 2018. Wrightsville Beach was hard hit, but got good news on January 19 when President Biden authorized the Army Corps of Engineers to invest $14 billion nationwide to strengthen port and waterway supply chains and bolster climate resilience. Wrightsville Beach will get $11.6 million for much-needed beach renourishment.

In a press release that same day, Congressman David Rouzer rushed to claim credit for the funds, which, he acknowledged, “will be administered through the Disaster Relief and Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2022.” What he didn’t say is that he voted against it!

The Act is part of H.R.5305, which passed the House on Sept. 21, 2021 by a 220-211 vote. Every Democrat voted yes. Every Republican, including Rouzer, voted no. Biden signed it on Sept. 30.

This is a pattern with Rouzer. In his December 23 newsletter, he claimed credit for funding in H.R.4502 of “multiple infrastructure projects in the 7th Congressional District.” That also passed along party lines: not a single Republican voted for it! Before that, he claimed credit for Carolina Beach and Kure Beach renourishment projects, funded by H.R.1892. Rouzer voted against that, too!

So, what gives? Does he think voters are so uninformed they won’t notice? Does he think they’re too lazy to go to and lookup H.R.5305, H.R.4502, and H.R.1892 for themselves?

Maybe he’s just so cynical he thinks he can have it both ways? He votes no, counts on Democrats to pass infrastructure legislation, takes credit for the funding, then attacks Democrats as “socialists” because they believe in helping people and rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Lather, rinse, repeat. That may be great politics, but it’s not leadership. It’s a charade.

Michael P. Rush


3rd Vice Chair

Brunswick County Democratic Party


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