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Ranked Choice Voting means every NC vote counts, Brunswick Beacon

I am writing to bring attention to an important issue that affects every North Carolinian's right to fair representation in our electoral process. Gerrymandering, the practice of manipulating district boundaries to benefit one political party over another, has had a detrimental effect on the democratic principles of our state. There is a way to combat this issue and ensure that every vote counts: Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

RCV will allow NC voters to rank candidates in order of preference, rather than just choosing one. This system eliminates the "wasted vote" syndrome, because even if your first choice does not win, your vote still goes toward your next preferred candidate. This method ensures that elections are won with broad majority support, rather than a mere plurality of votes.

In states like Maine and Alaska, RCV has been implemented successfully, resulting in higher voter turnout, more diverse candidates being elected, and an overall sense of fairness in the electoral process. By implementing RCV in North Carolina, we can put an end to gerrymandering, ensure that votes aren't wasted, and create a more representative and fair political system.

North Carolinians deserve to have their voices heard and counted equally. By adopting Ranked Choice Voting, we can ensure that everyone has a say in who represents us in government. Let's take a step towards a more democratic and fair electoral process by supporting RCV in North Carolina.

L. A. Carter

Ocean Isle Beach


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