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Money under a hat, Brunswick Beacon

During my college years, I spent the summer months working in a Philadelphia-area restaurant. One of the “street-wise” workers introduced me to the saying, ”Money in the street with a hat on it.”

It means that you have an opportunity to obtain something of value by expending very little effort or energy.

A few months ago, Boards of Education and citizens throughout North Carolina were given a similar opportunity when the NC State Supreme Court rendered a decision (Leandro Case) that would provide billions of dollars in additional funding for NC schools. It is noted on the website,, that this lawsuit, filed in 1994 by five low-wealth school districts, claimed that they did not have enough resources to provide an adequate education for their students.

Courts in 1997 and 2004 ruled that students have a constitutional right to a “sound, basic education” and that the state (NC General Assembly) is not meeting that standard. The politicians in Raleigh have refused to release funds from the state reserves. No tax increase is required.

A budget tool on estimated that Brunswick County schools would receive $25.6 million in additional funds by 2028. These funds could be used to hire teachers, assistants, nurses, social workers, and other school personnel to deal with the needs of our students.

Therefore, resolutions in support of immediate funding should be sent by County Boards, businesses, civic groups, and citizens to legislators. Bend down and pick up the money by becoming an advocate (public) for the Leandro Plan.

William Flythe



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