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May we please vote? Brunswick Beacon

According to media pundits, the 2024 presidential primary is over. Iowa caucused, New Hampshire voted, and it’s Trump and Biden. We needn’t bother voting because America’s already moving ahead to the general election. 

No. No, we’re not. Voters across America (and those serving overseas in our military) deserve the chance to weigh in on something as profound as the choice of our president and elected officials. 

Here in North Carolina, our primary election will take place on Tuesday March 5th, but early voting gets underway in just a few weeks on Thursday, February 15th. The Brunswick County Board of Elections (www. provides for early voting at the Government Center Cooperative Extension and at four satellite locations: Leland (Cultural Center), Shallotte (Brunswick Center), Southport (Brunswick Center), and Sunset Beach (Community Center.) 

We have three ways to vote: absentee ballot by mail, in-person voting on election day, or in-person voting during the early voting window which is most convenient for many folks. Yes, you’ll need a form of voter ID, but there are ten options that meet the requirements. 

Whatever your plans, please make sure that you’re registered to vote. The deadline for registration is February 9th. You can check your status at or at While you’re at it, encourage your friends and family to check their status. 

As our recent local elections have shown, every vote matters. This year, Democracy will be on the ballot, and it’s never been more important that we defend our right to vote and to have our vote fairly counted. Don’t let traditional media or social media forces convince you to stay home because the results are already determined. Vote for the future that you and your loved ones deserve. 

Janine Sacramone



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