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Lon Anderson wins prestigious photography award

Many of the photographs that appear in the BCDP Newsletter, on our website, or accompany our news releases are the work of Lon Anderson, our Communications Committee Vice Chair and spokesperson for BCDP. 

But we’re not the only folks who recognize outstanding photography. That’s why we’re pleased to note one of Lon’s photos was recently awarded “Best in Class.” It’s the highest honor the Cape Fear Camera Club in Wilmington awards participants in its competitions.

The assigned subject in the competition was “Anything Vintage.” The name of Lon’s image was “It’s Old — Thomas Edison’s Darkroom.” Lon was visiting the Ford/Edison Museum in Ft. Myer, FL, when he noticed an area off in the corner of Edison’s large laboratory where Edison’s photographic darkroom was. “It gave me some amazing opportunities to try to portray this piece of history it in very low light.”  

This isn’t the first time Lon, a professional lensman who once owned a photography shop in Maryland, has been honored for his work. Over the years, he has been recognized by several organizations, including the National Press Club, the Shenandoah Photographic Society, and the Maryland-DC-Delaware Press Association. 


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