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Letter to the editor: Dr. MAGA will see you now, Brunswick Beacon

“First, do no harm.” This phrase, attributed to the Hippocratic Oath, forms the basis for doctor/patient interaction. Unfortunately for America, we’re the patients and malevolent MAGA Republicans are the doctors, so it might as well read, “First, do maximum harm.”

America is being subjected to cruel experiments, assailing our healthy systems and weakening our ailing systems. Women’s reproductive rights are endangered since the Dobbs Decision as MAGA Republican legislators in North Carolina and 14 other states rushed to enact harsh abortion bans. Dr. MAGA watches women endure unimaginable reproductive choices, carry unviable pregnancies, and die of preventable infections. Miscarriage is criminalized in many states, and abortion “snitches” enrich themselves by ratting out women seeking medical care.

If you’re worried about the epidemic of mass shootings (more than 300 for the first half of 2023), Dr. MAGA has a remedy. It involves massive infusions of cash from the gun lobbyists and opposition to any measure that would save lives. Although the vast majority of Americans favor limits on gun purchases and stronger background checks for firearms purchasers, Dr. MAGA’s prescribes the usual “thoughts and prayers” as the blood flows.

LGBTQ Americans face vicious laws newly enacted by MAGA Republican state legislators and backed by MAGA-friendly courts (including the formerly “Supreme” Court now packed with scandal-ridden extremists.) With Roe v. Wade repealed, other Right to Privacy laws are next, with same-sex marriage now at risk. State legislatures are enacting "Don't Say Gay" laws, censoring school curricula, banning books, and targeting drag shows. Nineteen states have enacted laws restricting gender-affirming care for young people. Dr. MAGA’s cure for the inevitable anti-LGBTQ violence, homicides, and suicides? Conform to our homophobic norms, or else.

If you haven’t been personally impacted by the radical Republican agenda yet, please remain in our waiting area. Dr. MAGA will be with you shortly.

Nancy Briganti

Carolina Shores


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