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It's National Gun Violence Survivors' Week

National Gun Violence Survivors’ Week is a time dedicated to bringing attention to an epidemic that has killed far too many Americans. This week we honor every survivor who must live with the trauma of gun violence and re-commit to electing leaders who will work for common-sense gun reform.

Why has the first week of February been chosen to recognize gun violence survivors in the United States? Sadly, according to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, it's because "by early February, more Americans are killed by gun violence than are killed in other high-income nations in an entire year. National Gun Violence Survivors Week seeks to share and amplify the stories of gun violence survivors who live every day with the agonizing and unending impact of gun violence. This year, National Gun Violence Survivors Week will be highlighting survivor changemakers who are leading efforts to end gun violence and support survivors in their communities."

We must continue pressuring our lawmakers about gun violence and the need for common-sense gun legislation. Send a message using these links:

Senator Ted Budd

Senator Thom Tillis


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