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Introducing our 2024 U.S. Congress, NC General Assembly, and Brunswick County candidates

Coming soon to this website: special pages dedicated to these candidates. For now, use the table below to learn more about them (not all candidates have on-line links yet). Similar website pages will feature our Federal and State of North Carolina candidates (for now, see:






Marlando Pridgen

U.S. House Dist. 7

Katherine Randall

NC Senate Dist. 8

Charles Jones

NC House Dist. 17

Jill Brown

NC House Dist. 19

Janis Simmons

BC School Board Dist. 4

Jonathan Damico

BC Commissioner Dist. 5

Tom Simmons

BC Commissioner Dist. 4

Robert Fulton

BC Commissioner Dist. 3

Acquinetta Beatty

BC Register of Deeds


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