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Gun Violence Awareness Weekend is June 7 - 9

National Gun Violence Awareness Day, also known as WearOrange Day, is June 7, 2024. Safer through Advocacy, Firearm Education, and Research (SAFER) is encouraging people to wear orange to honor the day and to show support for survivors. The weekend of June 7-9 will feature in-person and virtual events across the country. 

Join us in Wilmington for a Wear Orange Rally!

Sign up to attend at NC-Wilmington-Wear Orange.

When: Sat., June 8, 11 a.m.

Where: Greenfield Park, 1739 Burnett Blvd, Wilmington

More info about gun violence, including steps Democrats have taken to improve gun safety:

  • In 2022, President Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, heralded as the most significant legislation on gun safety in almost 30 years. The bill enhances background checks, disarms domestic abusers, supports state red flag laws, invests in mental health services, funds school safety and community violence intervention programs, and cracks down on gun trafficking.

  • In 2023 Governor Cooper launched the NC S.A.F.E. Initiative to promote safer gun storage practices. The statewide campaign is intended to educate North Carolinians on safe firearm storage in order to save lives. Press Release

  • Project ChildSafe is a program to promote firearms safety and education and a source of free cable-style gun locks.



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