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Get the ball rolling, State Port Pilot

A wide swath of our Brunswick coast is threatened by seemingly out-of-control plans for real-estate development. Even those towns for which development plans are NOT, thus far, on the table could be woefully affected by what's happening nearby. "No High-Density Southport" is a key effort to oppose over-development in our most historic town. And we need more like it. But, as important as this response is, we also need an overall plan and a broader approach.

A consortium of towns could work with our county government and look for help from other sources, such as our state or federal government. Such a consortium could also develop an overall plan for our Brunswick coast.

Why isn't something like this already happening? Perhaps one reason is a perception that multi-town coordination is just not possible here in our somewhat thorny neck of the woods. Yet an example of such coordination does exist.

The Shoreline Protection Consortium includes Caswell Beach, Oak Island, Bald Head, Ocean Isle, Holden Beach, and Sunset Beach as well as the government of Brunswick County. The Consortium's goal is to protect our beaches and waterways. It looks to the Army Corps of Engineers and the State of North Carolina for help, because these entities: have some responsibility and interest in preserving our coast; and can provide funding and/or expertise. In addition, ideas for broad solutions may occur more readily when a broad group is united with a common purpose.

So my question now is, what or who is needed to pull our towns together and get this ball rolling?

Judith Droitcour

Caswell Beach


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