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Calling All Volunteers! Come Help the Brunswick County Democratic Party!

I’m the Volunteer Coordinator for the Brunswick County Democratic party. I became involved in politics during the 2004 presidential election while a student in the Political Science Department at Florida Atlantic University.

It’s clear now more than ever we must act to restore sanity and dignity to all levels of government. The turmoil of the last three years has created an incredible opportunity for Democrats at all levels of government to present themselves as the party that will bring effective leadership to our country, state and community for years to come.

We’re doing everything we can to spread the word in Brunswick County about Democratic candidates. COVID-19 has presented unique challenges and opportunities in the world of campaigning. With so many people trapped at home and an inability to conduct any sort of large-scale face-to-face campaigning, we’re focusing our efforts on a Virtual Phone Bank. One of the Virtual Phone Bank’s virtues is you can make calls from any location; all you need is a phone and internet access. It’s your chance to make a difference while remaining safe.

Currently, around 50 Brunswick County Democrats are making phone calls in their communities. We’re focusing on different groups to achieve maximum electoral results from these calls. We’re going precinct by precinct, currently calling Democratic women to help ensure this critical block is aware of their extreme importance in the coming election.

Next month, we’ll begin calling unaffiliated voters to bring them in to the fold and turn the county blue.

To those already involved, whether making calls for us or in another capacity, thank you so very much for all that you do. For those who wish to get involved — as callers or in another capacity — please email me at

We stand on the edge of change in ways that will shape our world for years to come. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, we’ll tip the scales in a direction that ensures a bright future for us all. Let’s do all that we can to turn this Blue Wave in to a Blue Tsunami in November!

--Bill McHugh Volunteer Coordinator


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