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Biden's American Rescue Plan Delivered for NC!

With the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan celebrated earlier this month (without the support of our GOP House and Senate representatives), here’s a breakdown of how the federal law has benefited citizens of North Carolina:

  • 1,188,000 North Carolina families with 1,968,000 children received tax cuts from the American Rescue Plan’s expanded Child Tax Credit, which averaged to $436 a month per family, totaling more than $2.99 billion in tax cuts in 2021.

  • $183.3 million in FY2022 for home energy assistance through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which saw its funding double because of the American Rescue Plan.

  • Over 670,000 people are now seeing reduced health care costs through the Health Insurance Marketplace, and coverage saw a 25% increase since the American Rescue Plan passed.

  • Approximately $432 million for community colleges and over $307 million for 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities

  • $258 million in Emergency Rental Assistance Program funding from April to November of 2021, helping 4,211 households afford rent and pay bills because of the American Rescue Plan.

  • $1.31 billion in 2021 from Childcare Development Fund allocations and childcare stabilization funding through the American Rescue Plan.

  • 5,250,385 economic impact payments from the American Rescue Plan, each worth up to $1,400 per person and totaling more than $12.6 billion went to North Carolinians as of June 2021

  • $5.44 billion in funding in state and local government fiscal recovery fund allocations from the American Rescue Plan.

  • $3.6 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funding to help North Carolina schools safely remain open during the pandemic.

  • $161,988,125 in funding to 39 health centers to expand vaccinations, testing and treatment efforts for COVID-19.


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