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Who DO you represent, Frank? Brunswick Beacon

Rather than respond to the criticisms in my May 15 letter to The Beacon, Rep. Frank Iler dismissed them because he hasn’t represented me since 2020. That’s true.  Every other point Iler made was either false, intentionally misleading, or unworthy of a public official.

Legislation giving state approval to citizens in Leland the right to recall members of their town council is not constructive. The correct solution is to seek consensus. The town council is working with residents to find solutions to Leland’s budget issues without Iler’s unnecessary intrusion, which is the preferred way to handle local affairs. 

Iler’s bill is indicative of a broader issue in our state. As Iler and his fellow MAGA Republicans in the legislature continue their relentless power grab, they’re denying local governing bodies the freedom to set standards that best suit local needs. This wrong-headed strategy is the work of developers, real estate companies and other special interests. They’re using Republicans in Raleigh to destroy home rule.

How else is Iler not responsive to the voters of Brunswick County? 

In 2022, Iler said he would not vote to change the state’s abortion law. Then he shackled women’s freedom, helping approve one of the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion laws.

As vice chair of the House Transportation Committee, he’s absent without leave in helping our region decide how best to pay for the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge’s replacement. He was also AWOL during the recent debate on the misplaced suggestion to charge tolls for using a new bridge.

As a member of the House Education K-12 Committee, he supports the MAGA drive to gut our public schools, using our taxes to underwrite a corrupt law offering free tuition to rich parents of private school students.

Iler is a tool of special interests. He’s failed miserably to serve the best interests of his constituents. He hasn’t truly represented the people of Brunswick County for years.

Arthur Hill



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