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BCDP launches political meme campaign

Memes* have proven effective at reaching voters, particularly younger ones (ages 18-35). In the 2022 election cycle, voters in the 18-35 age range had the lowest voter turnout (21%) in Brunswick County. Let’s boost that percentage!

In our Notices and Newsletters, we’ll supply links to memes we’ve posted on our BCDP Facebook (FB) and Instagram accounts. If YOU have a FB and/or Instagram account, we’re asking you to click on the link(s) and SHARE our meme posts to your account(s). Our goal is a ripple effect to reach younger, issue-oriented voters with messages showing Democrats are aligned with their values.

This week's meme*:

*MEME: An image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users.


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