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BCDP County Convention, Sat., April 15, 10 a.m.

Convention Includes County-Wide Officer Elections (2-Year Term)

BCDP is accepting nominations for: Chair; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Vice Chairs; and Secretary. The Treasurer position is appointed; Vic Gallo has agreed to continue in that role. The NCDP Plan of Organization describes officer duties (pp. 22-24; see our website: “Resources: Documents”).

Current candidates are:

Chair: Shelley Allen (current 1st Vice Chair)

1st Vice Chair: Art Hill (current Communications Team Chair)

2nd Vice Chair: Kristine Garrity (incumbent)

3rd Vice Chair: Mike Rush (incumbent)


To nominate yourself or a fellow member, please submit your name, email, phone number, precinct, and relevant experience to our Secretary, Denise Mirandola.

*Secretary position: Key duties: 1) record monthly meeting and annual convention minutes, and put them in Word docs for distribution. (If unable to attend a meeting in-person, Zoom is available), and 2) attend monthly officer Zoom meetings. Denise Mirandola has generously offered to continue checking phone messages at HQ.


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