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Yes, Virginia, Republicans want to track your period, Brunswick Beacon

Trump handpicked Mehmet Oz as Pennsylvania’s Republican senate nominee. Oz lost partly because he called a veggie tray “crudités,” but mostly because his idea that abortion decisions should be between “women, doctors and local political leaders” struck most Pennsylvanians as just plain crude. Voters were horrified that Republican politicians wanted to insert themselves between a woman and her doctor.

But Oz was simply repeating standard Republican talking points. NC’s Republican senators Thom Tillis and Ted Budd praised the decision abolishing a woman’s constitutional right to control her own body because it put control over abortion in the hands of local politicians where, as Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson said, “it rightfully belongs.”

Republicans have long argued that states should be free to experiment with their own legislation, praising them as “laboratories of Democracy.” Regrettably, those laboratories often produced Frankenstein monsters: Jim Crow laws and racial segregation, denying women the vote, banning contraception even for married couples.

But those days are over, right? Not if you menstruate. In 2019 the Trump administration tracked migrant girls’ periods to stop them from getting abortions.

Missouri’s Department of Health used state medical records to create spreadsheets of girls’ menstrual cycles to investigate “failed abortions.”

Florida’s state agency governing high school athletics seriously considered requiring girls to disclose if they’ve ever had a period, when they had their first period, the date of their most recent period and how many periods they’ve had in the past year!

When Virginia’s Democratic-controlled senate passed a bill banning search warrants for girls’ menstrual data stored in period-tracking apps, Virginia’s Republican governor Glenn Youngkin and House Republicans killed it!

Democrats like Gov. Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein are hard at work protecting your privacy and shielding girls from insane government intrusions, like searching their period-tracking apps. If Republicans get their way, whenever your daughter menstruates, they’ll know.

Joanne Levitan



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