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Why it Matters...Brooks Brothers Riot

The last time a presidential election was stolen was in the year 2000. The Supreme Court of the United States involved itself in a state election matter. The State of Florida was having issues with counting ballots in counties across the State.

The Florida State Supreme Court was getting ready to rule that some ballots, as long as the intent of the voter was able to be surmised, should be recounted and counted by hand. This would be a very long process. The lead for Bush was only around 1,000 votes out of over six million votes cast. After several deadlines passed, Katherine Harris, then Florida’s secretary of state and a Republican, declared George W. Bush the winner. Al Gore filed a lawsuit to continue the manual tabulation of votes.

Meanwhile, in Miami-Dade County, people interrupted a meeting of election canvassers who were trying to decide how to count votes in time for deadlines set by Florida courts. They decided to count the over 10,000 votes that the tabulation machines rejected. In response, paid operatives went to Miami in an effort to stop the recount.

The mostly white, Republican crowd, dressed in suits, stormed the Board of Elections. This became known as the Brooks Brothers riot, named after the luxury clothier, whose suits were favorites among the politicos and Walls Street types.

This appeared to change the public perception of the recount. In fact, the recount was stopped by the United States Supreme Court and Bush was declared the winner.

The reason I bring this up is that two and soon to be three future Supreme Court justices were part of this so-called Brooks Brothers Riot — Chief Justice John Roberts, Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the most recently nominated Amy Coney Barrett. Each of them had a role in stopping the recount.

How do you think they will rule if the case Trump v. Biden is heard before them?

--Paula Clarity

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Unknown member
May 19, 2021

Every day, democracy is in more peril because of Republican lies and chicanery, aided and abetted by the Heritage Foundation and members of the Supreme Court.

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