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UnAmerican, Brunswick Beacon

Americans don’t like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, with good reason. Un calls America North Korea’s “biggest enemy” and threatens to launch a nuclear holocaust against “the heart of the US.” No American politician loves Un, except Donald Trump.

Like most rom-coms, their love affair had a rocky start. Trump called Un “little rocket man” and bragged that his nuclear button was “much bigger.” Un called Trump “a frightened dog” and a “mentally deranged dotard;” old, frail and senile.

That all changed at their 2018 Singapore meeting. “And then,” Trump said, “we fell in love. He wrote me two of the most beautiful letters. I showed one to [Japanese] Prime Minister Abe. It’s a beautiful piece of art.”

Un executes political opponents, including his uncle, General Jang, whose head Un displayed for others to see. “You’ve got to give him credit,” said Trump, “he wiped out his uncle, he wiped out this one, that one. This guy doesn’t play games.”

Un has fired 30 missiles this year, including ICBMs that can reach the US. In February, Un threatened to use “overwhelming nuclear force” against Americans. That didn’t stop Trump from posting “Congratulations to Kim Jong Un!” on June 2, after North Korea joined the World Health Organization’s board.

Even Republicans were shocked. Ron DeSantis called Un “a murderous dictator.” Nikki Haley said, “Don’t congratulate our enemies.”

Trump’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, was especially blunt: “Un is a cruel dictator. He’s building nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to hit the United States.” Bolton says Trump fell for Un’s letters. “Trump just thought they were love letters. I mean, I just shook my head. I have been in those rooms with him when he’s met with those leaders. He just doesn’t know what room he’s in. I believe they think he’s a laughing fool.”

Un threatens America, but nothing he does can threaten the love of his biggest American fan; Donald Trump, the “Un” American.

Eric Terashima



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