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Trump's accusation is his admission, Brunswick Beacon

Trump calls his indictment “Political Persecution and Election Interference” because that’s what he did. Trump’s former Chief of Staff John Kelly said, “He was always telling me we need to use the FBI and the IRS to go after people — it was constant and obsessive and just what he’s claiming is being done to him now.”

Candidate Trump told Hillary Clinton that, if he were president, “You’d be in jail.” He encouraged chants of “lock her up.” President Trump pressured his Department of Justice (“DOJ”) to investigate her.

Geoffrey Berman served on Trump’s transition team. Trump appointed him U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY). In his book, “Holding the Line,” Berman wrote, “Throughout my tenure as U.S. attorney, Trump’s Justice Department kept demanding that I use my office to aid them politically.”

SDNY prosecuted Michael Cohen over Trump’s $130,000 hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in Trump’s successful attempt to interfere in the 2016 election. Trump called Cohen’s investigation “disgraceful.” Trump’s DOJ pressured SDNY to overturn Cohen’s conviction and remove references to Trump, identified as “Individual-1.” Berman refused.

DOJ then pressured Berman to investigate Obama’s White House Counsel Greg Craig before the 2018 elections to “even things out” for Cohen’s conviction. Berman concluded Craig was innocent, and refused to indict. DOJ prosecuted Craig anyway. When Craig was acquitted, Berman wrote, “Greg Craig should never have been prosecuted.”

pressured Berman to investigate John Kerry, asking, “Why aren’t you going harder and faster at this enemy of the president?” Trump pressured DOJ to prosecute Clinton, Obama and Biden for treason. “Where are all the arrests?” Trump taunted Attorney General Bill Barr.

Berman corroborated Kelly’s accusation that Trump’s pressure to “go after people” was “constant and obsessive.” Trump is the poster boy for projection, accusing others of what he did and would do again, if elected. Trump’s projection is his confession of guilt.

Rich Cooper



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