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Trump Bites Republican Voters, Brunswick Beacon, June 9, 2022

Don’t say you weren’t warned. Donald Trump will disenfranchise Republicans too, if it suits him.

If you were fine with the Big Lie because it targeted Democrats, you haven’t been paying attention. Trump doesn’t lie to help Republicans. He lies to use them so they’ll give him blind obedience and unchecked power.

In his book “Art of the Deal,” Trump said, “I play to people’s fantasies.” He lies about rigged elections because voters want to believe their candidate won. That way, after losing to Biden by more than 7 million votes, he can claim victory and have two-thirds of Republicans buy in. Worst case for Trump: he feeds his toxic narcissism by never admitting defeat. Best case: 147 Republicans, including our own Congressman David Rouzer, vote to overturn a fair and lawful election to keep loser Trump in power.

When Trump’s Big Lie threatened to hand Georgia’s two senate seats to the Democrats, giving them the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, Republican leaders begged him to stop. He refused, and kept claiming Georgia’s election was rigged because his fragile ego could not admit defeat. Republicans blamed both losses on Trump.

Now, Trump is using the Big Lie to throw out Republican votes. In the still undecided Pennsylvania senate primary, Trump endorsed Dr. Oz, who many Republicans call a “complete and total fraud.” When polls closed, Oz clung to a razor-thin, lead with thousands of mail-in and military ballots outstanding. Trump baselessly called the election rigged and urged Oz to declare victory, before those votes are counted.

Trump is happy to disenfranchise Republicans to serve himself. It’s his nature. He warned you with the story he’s told for years.

A woman nursed an injured snake just to have it bite her. “Why?” she cried, before she died. “Oh, shut up, silly woman” said the reptile with a grin, “you knew darn well I was a snake before you took me in.”

Art Hill


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