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From the Chair - February 2021

In less than a month, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have changed the trajectory of the US and the world. They are doing it because people like you who are reading this note kept working and did not let up. Thank you. Don’t stop now. There is much to do here in Brunswick County and North Carolina as we all know.

Our next meeting is Thursday, February 11th at 7PM. Senator Jeff Jackson will be our guest speaker for this meeting. Senator Jackson will fill us in on the current state of the NC Senate and his decision to run for the US Senate seat of Richard Burr.

Our main goal at present is to plan for our precinct organization meetings in March. After that comes our county convention on April 10th where delegates elected at our March precinct meetings will elect our countywide officers. Chair, vice chairs, secretary and treasurer along with our SEC members are all up for grabs. These positions are held for two years until 2023. If you ever wonder why things are done certain ways here at BCDP and you can do it differently, this is your chance to shine.

At present we have officers who do not plan to run again, including yours truly. So this is the time to step up to the plate. We also need diversity in the folks who run for office in our party; it is mandated by our organization. Youth, gender and minority status are all part of the equation as we seek officers in our precinct and county committees.

The link to register for this Feb 11th meeting is :

If you would like to attend a precinct meeting but are unaware of your precinct’s current status, you can send an email with to: Please include your

contact information in the email. Someone will get back in touch and give you the time and

day of your local meeting. These meetings will be COVID safe, either outside with everyone in compliance or in a virtual format. We can also allow people to join in by telephone if you do not have a computer or smart phone.

That is enough to say for know. I want you to understand that while many things can take your attention right now, including the seditious Davis Rouzer, nothing is more important than getting every precinct organized fully and getting to work for our municipal, state and federal elections for the next two years. If you want things to change here in our county and state, it takes people like you, with the skills to manage our organization at the county level and to keep our precincts moving towards full mobilization. Many, many of you have the skill and talent to do so.

I leave you with the words of a great woman and a link to learn more if you have not heard

these words before. If Ms. Hamer and others can do what they did, where are you?

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Fannie Lou Hamer

To learn more about Ms. Hamer read here:

Tom Sapp



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