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Time to Wake Up! Brunswick Beacon, May 19, 2022

Republican politicians are not fighting for a better America but fighting to benefit their careers. They criticize rather than be specific about any remedies. They are against women's rights, voters' rights, the education system, gay rights, immigration reform, diversity, lower drug prices, renewable energy, gun control, student loan reform, lower taxes, raising minimum wage, affordable housing, and the child tax credit.

They demand accountability for Biden, but not for Trump. They don’t believe the popular vote gives democracy legitimacy but do believe the Supreme Court is a political tool. As McConnell has said, his focus is 100%” on “stopping this administration." He has avoided presenting ideas that Democrats might be able to attack. The Senate minority leader has declined thus far to release a party agenda.

Republicans are willing to condone statements they know to be false and even spread misinformation on social media, if they believe those statements could help them remain in office. Republicans are expert at weaponizing language. They have for example hijacked the words “woke” and “patriot.” A patriot is someone who loves and supports our country, not just a political agenda. “Wokeness” is about freedom, justice, equality, and access to voting, but Republican politicians corrupt these words for personal gain.

The 50 Democratic senators represent 41 million more Americans than the 50 Republicans senators, so it is time we demand our representatives tell us what they are for, and what their plans are instead of what they are against. Our elected officials are supposed to represent all the people and defend the constitution with integrity and not be consumed with remaining in power. We need to move forward not backwards. That is what democracy looks like. A true patriot is “woke.”

Dan Leonard

Oak Island


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