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This is none of your business, Frank; Brunswick Beacon

Once again, Rep. Frank Iler is inserting himself into a purely local issue. This time, Iler has introduced legislation to allow for recall elections in the Town of Leland. 

Why just Leland? If this benefits the citizens of Leland, why is it not then good for the citizens of North Carolina? Here’s why. 

Leland is the fastest-growing town in the fastest-growing county in N.C., Brunswick County. That means a LOT of money available for realtors, builders and developers as housing projects are rubber-stamped by our all-Republican County Commissioners. The Leland Town Council is grappling with infrastructure deficits and quality of life impacts left behind when the developers finish projects and move on without mitigating these issues. Who might stand to lose from a town council seeking to preserve quality of life for its citizens? Developers, builders and realtors! 

Whatever action the Town of Leland takes in this cause creates peril for those vested interests. So, here comes Frank Iler to the rescue of the special interests, pillaging Brunswick County with targeted recall legislation. 

But this is not Iler’s first “none of his business” rodeo. In 2021, Riptide Builders was in dispute with the Town of Sunset Beach over plans to build a townhouse subsection within the Sea Trail community. Iler sprang into action, introducing a bill to de-annex not just this parcel, but over 1,400 acres belonging to various developers. Fortunately, an agreement was reached, causing Iler to withdraw a bill that Sunset Beach Mayor Phillips said, “would rip the heart out of Sunset Beach.” 

So, why does Rep. Frank Iler throw his weight around for special interests, to the detriment of his constituents? Follow the money. Iler’s top campaign contributors in 2024 (according to NC Board of Elections filings) are the Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association PAC, NC Home Builders Assn (NC BUILD PAC) and the NC Realtors PAC. This is who Frank Iler represents. Not you. 

Arthur Hill 



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