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The Party of Grump

The nation’s two major political parties — the Democrats and the other one — are like two ships passing in the night.

  • Legislative and international successes of the Biden Administration have unfolded in a tidal wave of good news over the past few weeks. But Republicans in Congress have attempted without much success to block progress on solving pressing national issues. It’s the party of “No.”

  • Democrats across the country have come together to reverse the Supreme Court’s catastrophic decision to deny women the right to make their own decisions about their reproductive health. Republicans — whose favorite movie must be “The Handmaid’s Tale” — prefer 19th Century norms. It’s the party of misogyny.

  • Democrats look to Americans to find solutions to the problems they face. Republicans look to Donald Trump, whose nasty, lying tirades have long since become irrelevant and tiring. It’s the Party of Grump.

Speaking of Trump, one has to ask if he has ever made a decision during his time in the public eye that was the correct and ethical thing to do or was in the best interests of anyone other than himself. Why, in the name of national security, did Trump need to steal highly sensitive documents belonging to the American people? And why, when confronted by prosecutors and the FBI, did he and his representatives lie about the nature and quantity of the documents stored in his safe at Mar-a-Largo?

Will Trump now face fresh charges of obstruction of justice? Unlike the last time the DOJ got involved in determining whether Trump committed a crime, there is no Republican attorney general to cover up his misdeeds.

Meanwhile, Democrats are looking beyond Trump, working harder in a number of areas, including finding women who can successfully run for office. According to CBS News, Democratic organizers say they have seen a surge in women expressing interest in running for office after the court overturned Roe v. Wade. At least 15 Democratic women are running for governor, surpassing the previous record of 12 set in 2018. Six Democratic women are running for seats in the U.S. Senate.

Women, especially Democratic women, running for office are having great success. The political journal FiveThirtyEight reports 47% (211 out of 445) of Democrats who advanced to the general election are women, versus just 22% (94 out of 426) of Republicans.

Of course, voters in North Carolina are fortunate to have Cheri Beasley running for the U.S. Senate. She has pledged to support legislation overturning the Supreme Court’s wrongful decision on the rights of women and to end the onerous filibuster that has blocked progress in the Senate for centuries.

All this bodes well for Democrats in the coming mid-term election. Just last June, voters favored Republican candidates for Congress by a margin of three percent. That advantage has now been erased, with most political observers attributing the shift to backlash against the Supreme Court decision.

Clearly, the Trumpian politics of the GOP are taking on water from the Democrats’ wake as the two ships pass in the night.


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