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If you don’t like Donald Trump, you’re not alone. Recent surveys show improving head counts for presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden — at the expense of his opponent.

But the results of a Reuters and Ipsos survey released yesterday on how Trump has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic are even more damaging to the Trump campaign.

The survey reveals our president is “enjoying” some of the lowest numbers of his years in office. With less than 135 days to Election Day, only 37% of the American public believe Trump has done an effective job of battling the coronavirus. That’s the lowest backing Trump has had since Reuters/Ipsos started asking questions about the COVID-19 response in March.

Even more encouraging is a New York Times/Siena College survey showing Joe Biden is leading among registered voters in six key battleground states that Trump previously won in the 2016 election — Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin AND North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Trump’s poor numbers are damaging the chances for Republicans in several states, including Thom Tillis in the Tarheel State. A published June 24 shows Tillis losing his race with Cal Cunningham re-election by three points. The same poll shows Democratic candidates in several other states performing well, improving the chances Republicans will lose control of the U.S. Senate on November 3.

With 19% of North Carolina voters still undecided on the Senate race, this is no time to take our foot off the gas. There’s simply too much at stake for Democrats to take anything for granted in this campaign. Let’s keep our banners high and battle on with energy and enthusiasm.


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