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The Mouse That Roared, Brunswick Beacon, February 10, 2022

As a veteran, my response to Congressman David Rouzer’s Feb. 1 newsletter demanding that Biden confront Russia over Ukraine is “where have you been?” “Weakness” he roars, “invites war."

Rouzer was quiet as a mouse while Trump took Russia’s side. During the 2016 campaign Trump said praise by Putin was “a great honor.” Trump defended Putin for murdering journalists, saying “at least he’s a leader” and “our country does plenty of killing too.” Rouzer said nothing.

Trump defended Putin’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine: “The people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were.”

Trump removed a pledge from the 2016 platform to arm Ukraine against Russia. Rouzer endorsed him. Trump asked Russia to interfere in the election. Russia did, according to 17 American intelligence agencies. At the 2018 Helsinki summit, Putin denied it. The world watched as Trump took Putin’s side over American intelligence. Rouzer was silent.

Russia blamed Ukraine for meddling in our elections. Trump repeated Putin’s lies and ignored Russia’s 2018 attack on Ukrainian vessels. As Ukrainian soldiers died in 2019, Trump froze

$391 million in aid to extort Ukraine into helping his reelection. It’s why he was impeached! Rouzer defended Trump, and repeated his scurrilous attacks against American intelligence.

Trump constantly ridiculed and threatened to withdraw from NATO. Rouzer went along. Putin is menacing Ukraine now to see if Trump accomplished Putin’s goal: destroy NATO and eliminate America’s ability to stop him.

Trump supporters Tucker Carlson and Senator Josh Hawley are calling on America to cave to Putin’s demands. The person most responsible for emboldening Putin’s aggression is Trump. Next, come Republican toadies like Rouzer who enabled Trump’s weird infatuation with Putin. The roar you hear from them today is meant to hide their humiliation. When we needed men, they were mice.

Rich Cooper



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