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Teach your children well, Brunswick Beacon

Tom Campbell’s 3/14 column indicted our legislature’s gerrymandered Republican supermajority for its “deliberate attempt to dismantle our traditional public schools.” Republican voters turbocharged that effort by nominating Michele Morrow to oversee North Carolina’s $11 billion public school budget. 

Morrow has never worked in education or held political office. She rejected NC’s public schools by home-schooling her children here for 16 years. She says that shouldn’t disqualify her. Perhaps not. What disqualifies Morrow is her hostility to public education and her alarming calls for violence.

Morrow says “the U.S. Public School system is a tax-payer funded socialism indoctrination machine,” and proposes “a constitutional amendment to get rid of the state Board of Education,” conveniently giving her still more power.

Morrow wants teachers to conceal-carry guns in classrooms! She promotes QAnon, a rebranded Nazi conspiracy theory which claims a Satanic group of elites are sex-trafficking children and consuming their blood to achieve immortality. 

She falsely claims that Obama is Muslim, that the goal of Islam is “evil,” that it’s a “political cult,” and proposes that we “ban Islam” and “ban Muslims from elected offices.”

Morrow is an election denier who claims the Chinese Communist Party stationed thousands of soldiers in Canada to steal the election for Biden. 

Morrow proposed executing Gov. Roy Cooper, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. In 2020, she called for executing then-president-elect Biden and former president Obama: “I do not want to waste another dime on supporting his life. We could make some money back from televising his death.”

The last bout of right-wing madness brought NC the “Bathroom Bill,” which cost us nearly $4 billion in business. That’s why the Chamber of Commerce called Morrow’s nomination “a startling warning of the looming threats to North Carolina’s business climate.”

I’m more worried about the threat to our students. With her support of violence, Morrow has no business educating children.

Mike Rush



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