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Taking Action to Counter Gun Violence

Brunswick Beacon, 06.23.22

This past weekend, Brunswick County focused on taking action to counter gun violence. Here, in Southport, a local “March for our Lives" rally, held in Franklin Square Park, was attended by about 150 local citizens. Some carried home-made signs saying “Vote for Our Lives!” Speakers called upon citizens to use their votes to bring action aimed at saving lives. There were no specific voting suggestions or guidance by rally organizers. However, I have noticed that at our local level the two major political parties approach this issue differently. Common Sense Gun Laws: The Brunswick County Democratic Party (BCDP) has a stated issue or goal of passing common-sense gun safety laws. The BCDP approach appears to be in line with the key goals of the "March for Our Lives" movement, and the BCDP had an information table at this weekend's “March for Our LIves” rally. Enhancing Law Enforcement: The Brunswick County Republican Party (BCRP) apparently does not include issues/goals on its website, but a local Republican leader and elected official Congressman Rouzer sent an update letter to constituents just this past weekend, 1) affirming commitment to protecting the gun rights of law-abiding citizens; and 2) advocating the enhancement of law enforcement as the key to decreasing gun violence. Notably, one strategy advocated by Rouzer is federal funding for adding 100,000 new police officers across the nation.

The issue of gun violence is an important one, and each voter should make up his/her own mind. My view is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we need common sense gun control laws. Also, I would note that the problem at Uvalde was not a lack of uniformed officers.

Judith Droitcour

Caswell Beach


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