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Sorry, voters, State Port Pilot

Representative Frank Iler wants to change North Carolina’s Constitution to drastically reduce early voting options, claiming, “I have heard from a lot of citizens that early voting is too long.” Really?

Brunswick County faces many challenges, but early voting isn’t one of them. North Carolina’s existing 17-day early voting window is already much lower than the 23-day national average. If you’re bothered by early voting, skip it and vote on election day. “Problem” solved.

Who benefits from early voting in Brunswick County?

  • Workers in industry, agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, education, government, or other vocations who can vote on weekends or at alternate locations closer to their workplace to minimize lost time from work.

  • Parents who can vote on weekends, when childcare is available, and vote in locations and at times that accommodate hectic family schedules.

  • Students who need to travel home to vote and can avail themselves of more flexible schedules and locations closer to their college or university.

  • Elderly or disabled voters (including veterans who fought for the rights of all voters) who benefit from shorter lines and more flexible schedules for their caregivers to get them to the polls.

  • Election officials and poll workers who can ensure a smoother voting experience and rectify any discrepancies in registration.

Early voting also makes election day voting faster and smoother for the thousands of Brunswick County residents who prefer that option.

Frank Iler and his Republican cronies delight in making life more difficult for workers, parents, students, the elderly, the disabled, and the folks who facilitate our voting process. Why? Because voter suppression helps an incumbent like Rep. Iler continue his reign of “error” without risking replacement.

Sorry, voters: it turns out that YOU’RE the real problem in Frank Iler’s world.

Arthur Hill



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