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Shamelessness Is Rouzer's Superpower, Brunswick Beacon

What can you do about folks who take credit for things they didn’t do? Or cover up things they did?

Congressman David Rouzer bragged in December about Congress passing H.R.6119 to keep government running. He voted against it. In January, Rouzer boasted: “H.R.4502: I secured funding for multiple infrastructure projects in our District.” He voted against that, too. In August, Rouzer crowed about helping “unlock funding for affordable housing…in Southeastern North Carolina.” The funding came from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which every Republican, including Rouzer, voted against.

President Biden noticed, and called out Republicans who take credit for legislation they didn’t vote for, “They ain’t got no shame.”

Rouzer’s ears might have been burning, but not enough to stop his latest act of shamelessness. This time, instead of taking credit for something he didn’t do, he covered up something he did.

Rouzer called the anniversary of 9/11 “a solemn reminder of what is at stake,” said “we must never surrender our American ideals,” and warned that we “face serious threats from our adversaries both at home and abroad.”

But, showing powers of shamelessness far beyond those of mortal men, Rouzer didn’t mention that, when American ideals of democracy and the peaceful transition of power were at stake, he encouraged insurrectionists. Rouzer promised to vote against certifying a free and fair election that survived every legal challenge filed by Trump and his MAGA enablers.

Even after a violent mob screaming “hang Mike Pence” attacked the Capitol and forced our elected representatives into hiding, Rouzer took their side by voting to overturn elections in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Then, Rouzer voted to cover up the insurrection by opposing the Jan. 6 Commission investigation. Finally, Rouzer went AWOL from the ceremony honoring Capitol police officers who fought and died protecting him.

Voting is the kryptonite to Rouzer’s shamelessness. Elect Charles Graham on Nov. 8!

Ron Veronese

Holden Beach


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