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Rouzer's Latest Sham, Brunswick Beacon

A recent letter writer encouraged readers to “do their own research” regarding claims about politicians. Good advice. When I submit letters, I often provide a list of references. But newspapers don’t have space to publish reference lists. So this time, I’m including my sources in the body of the letter. That way, readers have a starting point for “doing their own research.”

On August 4, our Congressman David Rouzer (@RepDavidRouzer) published a tweet about his “bipartisan Lifeline Act.” He claimed that his bill “helped unlock funding for affordable housing developments across the country, including here in Southeastern North Carolina.” An excerpt from the August 3 Port City Daily about Starway Village apartment complex accompanied the tweet.

I looked up the “Lifeline Act” on It’s H.R. 7078, introduced March 3, 2022. Rouzer co-sponsored it. Aside from garnering more co-sponsors, the bill sits. No votes, no passage. Port City Daily stated that the bill “has seen no action.”

But, the Port City Daily also confirmed that Starway Village apartment complex could secure funding to proceed. How? The U.S. Treasury changed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) guidelines for loans. That’s right, ARP money will help Starway Village come to fruition.

Every Republican in Congress voted against the ARP. A May 6, 2021 article discussed the fact that Republicans were promoting “the pandemic relief they voted against.” Sound familiar?

I suggest we “do our own research” regarding the duplicitous claims of shady politicians like David Rouzer. He has proven time and again that we cannot take his words at face value. I’m tired of all the lies. I’m voting for Charles Graham to be our new U.S. Representative. He’s a six-term NC General Assemblyman from Robeson County. for those who want to do their own research.

Shelley Allen

Holden Beach


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