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Rouzer's Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Brunswick Beacon, April 28, 2022

Our Congressman, David Rouzer, is skillful at parroting flowery platitudes, but his hollow statements insult our intelligence. He expects us to take his words at face value and fail to see the ugly truth lurking beneath. He’s all talk and no action.

Here’s what Rouzer said about veterans in a January newsletter: “Our veterans deserve our utmost support and aid for their service to this country… more can and should be done to improve the care and lives of our veterans, and I will continue to make this a priority…” So, one would think Rouzer supported H.R.4673 — Ensuring Veterans' Smooth Transition Act, which passed the House with bipartisan support. This bill requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to automatically enroll eligible veterans into the VA system. Rouzer opposed it.

Rouzer stated in a September newsletter: “I’m proud to uphold the value of every life and will continue fighting to protect the most vulnerable among us.” So, when the House passed, with bipartisan support, H.R.4445, the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act to protect victims, you would think it had Rouzer’s full support. Same with Biden’s Build Back Better Bill, which includes investments in universal preschool as well as child care and eldercare. Rouzer opposed both bills.

In a 2019 press release Rouzer proclaimed: “…if every member of Congress would be willing to come to the table to negotiate with the President, there is no limit to the incredible progress that could be achieved to… lower the cost of good quality healthcare and prescription drugs…” So when the Affordable Insulin Now Act passed the House this year, capping insulin’s monthly cost at $35, surely Rouzer championed the bill, which benefits millions of Americans. He did not.

Flowery words are worthless. Actions that result in real benefits for Americans are priceless. Rouzer thinks we can’t tell the difference.

Shelley Allen

Acting Chair

Brunswick County Democratic Party

Holden Beach


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