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Republican contenders help Putin, Brunswick Beacon

Brunswick Beacon, 04.13.23

Freedom-loving Americans are disgusted by DeSantis and Trump pushing Putin’s propaganda.

DeSantis called Putin’s invasion of Ukraine a “territorial dispute,” said supporting Ukraine is not in America’s interest, and warned against attempting to weaken Putin. MAGA-Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene agreed.

The Wall Street Journal said DeSantis made a “big mistake.” Conservative Noah Rothman wrote: “Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is a “dispute” over territory in the same way a bank robber and depositor have a “dispute” over money.” Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “Putin's trying to rewrite the map of Europe. If you think giving in to Putin makes China less provocative, you're missing a lot." Sen. Thom Tillis asked “do you really want Russia to own the breadbasket of Europe?”

Trump is Putin’s biggest fan-boy, famously picking Putin over American Intelligence at 2018’s humiliating Helsinki summit. Senator John McCain called it a "disgraceful performance. No president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.”

Now, Trump isn’t just defending Putin, he’s blaming America! “The greatest threat to Western civilization today is not Russia," Trump said, “It’s probably, more than anything else, ourselves.”

DeSantis and Trump’s embrace of Putin puts the “ill” in “ill-timed.” After Putin awarded medals to Russian pilots for attacking an American reconnaissance drone in international airspace, Americans’ approval of Russia hit a new low of 9%! Americans think blaming ourselves for Putin’s unprovoked aggression puts the “lie” in “unbelievable.”

The International Criminal Court recently issued an arrest warrant charging Putin with war crimes for targeting civilians, abducting thousands of Ukrainian children, imprisoning them in a 43-camp gulag, and giving them to Russian families. Afterwards, Trump once again called Putin “smart,” predicting he’ll “take over all of Ukraine.” Disgusted Americans think praising Putin puts the “shame” in “shameful.”

Trump and DeSantis think picking Putin over Ukraine puts America first. Americans think embracing a child-abducting war criminal puts the “ick” in “sickening.”

Laura McGann



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