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The North Carolina Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the GOP’s partisan-drawn, gerrymandered maps is a win for democracy and voters. The decision is a critical step towards crafting congressional districts that protect the fundamental right to vote. We now have an opportunity to finally have constitutional maps.

Since the beginning of this process, Democrats in the state legislature have made it clear they believe in independent redistricting. They’re still committed to a final map that keeps communities of interest, precincts and cities whole as much as possible.

Sadly, North Carolina has a history of targeting Black voters and diluting their political power. All voters, including minority citizens, should have their fundamental rights protected. That’s why we’re pleased the Supreme Court’s decision made clear lawmakers must take Voting Rights Act protections into account first, before drawing districts.

Here’s the bottom line — the faster the legislature approves constitutional maps, the faster it can get back to work tackling the everyday issues that North Carolinians face. North Carolina has led the country in gerrymandering and gerrymandering lawsuits for far too long. Our citizens deserve better.

Here are some key dates leading to the primary elections:

  • February 18: Maps are due to the trial court

  • February 23: Deadline for trial court to announce its map decision

  • February 24: Candidate filing begins

  • April 22: Voter registration deadline

  • April 28: One-stop, in-person early voting period begins

  • May 10: Deadline to request an absentee ballot

  • May 14: One-stop, in-person early voting period ends at 3 p.m.

  • May 17: Primary election day


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