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Our next Commissioner of Labor will put safety first

From Braxton Winston, our candidate for NC Commissioner of Labor:

Recently, an alarming report was released regarding the cracked support beam discovered on a popular ride at Carowinds. This original revelation was deeply concerning, but the findings specified in the report were even worse than we originally thought. A total of SIX additional cracks were found in the Fury roller coaster, casting doubt on the overall safety of the attraction prior to the repairs.

The findings from this report underscore the critical need for timely and consistent inspections to ensure the safety of amusement park attractions. The Commissioner of Labor plays a pivotal role in this oversight, safeguarding the well-being of all who visit these venues for enjoyment and recreation. Currently, about 1 in 4 NCDOL safety compliance officer positions goes unfilled. 

The little that exists of my opponent’s platform is riddled with mentions of reducing oversight and pushing back on safety measures across a variety of industries. These attacks on common sense safety measures will only get worse if he is elected as North Carolina’s next Commissioner of Labor.

We cannot afford to underestimate the importance of the Commissioner of Labor's role in maintaining public safety standards. We cannot let this important role be filled by someone who wants to loosen safety regulations and make things like roller coasters, elevators, and ski lifts LESS safe for users. Without safety guidelines and proper inspections, incidents like the one at Carowinds could evolve into accidents with catastrophic consequences. When I am elected as Commissioner of Labor, I will maintain a culture of “safety first” because nothing is more important to me than the health and safety of the people of North Carolina.

Your support is critical in this campaign for safety. By standing with us, you are pledging your commitment to a safer and more prosperous North Carolina. Many of us take the work of the Department of Labor for granted. Let's make sure there is a leader at the helm we can trust to keep us safe.


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