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OUR Bodies, THEIR Choice: Budd, Rouzer, and Iler Double Down on Taking Away Women's Rights

North Carolina extremist Republicans are doubling down on their efforts to control women's personal healthcare decisions.

First up, U.S. Congressman Ted Budd, Trump-endorsed MAGA Republican and gun store owner, running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. He has affirmed support of Lindsey Graham's federal abortion ban bill by co-sponsoring H.R. 8814 in the House. After the radical right-wing majority on the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, Republicans declared that abortion was an issue best left to the states. Lindsey Graham and Ted Budd now reveal that declaration to be a lie. Full article: "National Abortion Ban Co-Sponsored by North Carolina Representative Ted Budd."

Justice Cheri Beasley, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, responded in a statement released by her campaign: “Congressman Budd will stop at nothing to put himself between women and doctors. His national abortion ban will not only take away our freedom – it will cost North Carolina women their lives, and he owes an explanation to every woman whose life he has now put at risk.”

Second up: U.S. Congressman David Rouzer, our current District 7 Representative and sedition-supporting Republican running for re-election. In typical follow-the-MAGA leader fashion, he has added his name as a co-sponsor of Budd's federal ban bill, H.R. 8814.

Third up: North Carolina General Assemblyman for Brunswick County District 17 and out-of-touch Republican running for a 7th term, Frank Iler. He recently told WECT News that he hopes to roll back abortion access next year. He sponsored H.B. 31, a bill that would effectively ban abortions in North Carolina after six weeks. Iler can be seen in a recent post on Twitter, palling around with the man who privately paid for an abortion but now supports banning abortions, radical Republican Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson.

TAKE ACTION to protect women's personal healthcare rights:

*Make sure you're registered to vote, make a plan to vote, bring a friend, and vote in the midterms for our slate of Democratic candidates. And, don't forget the judges!

*Visit to register to vote or to check your status.

*Visit our website's voter information section for answers to all of your voting questions.

*Join the Brunswick County Democratic Party in Wilmington on Saturday, October 8 for the WOW (Women Organizing Wilmington) Rally in conjunction with the National Women's March Weekend of Action. More details coming soon on our Calendar.


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