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Not the news, but an incredible simulation, Brunswick Beacon

If your doctor lied about your test results and you suffered a preventable illness, would you excuse the lie because it made you feel good at the time?

Dominion’s lawsuit proves that Fox lies to make viewers feel better. Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch testified that Fox’s hosts “endorsed” Trump’s Big Lie for profit. Paul Ryan, former Republican House speaker and a Fox board director, told Murdoch that Fox “should not be spreading conspiracy theories” and should “stop spouting election lies.”

Murdoch testified it was “wrong” to air MyPillow guy Mike Lindell’s election lies, but added “The man is on every night. Pays us a lot of money.” Asked if he could have stopped airing Lindell, Murdoch admitted “I could have, but I didn’t.” Why not? “It’s not red or blue, it’s green,” Murdoch agreed.

Fox convinced a court that nobody actually believes its opinion hosts, like Tucker Carlson, tell the truth. But, Fox says, its news anchors do. Fox claims Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum are legitimate “news” anchors. But, in private, they suggested calling elections based on viewers’ feelings, instead of numbers. “In a Trump environment,” MacCallum said, “the game is just very, very different.” Baier said Trump’s campaign was angry over Fox’s accurate call that Biden won Arizona. Baier suggested reversing it: “It’s hurting us. The sooner we pull it and put it back in [Trump’s] column, the better we are.”

After the Arizona call, Fox terminated the professionals who made it and rewarded CEO Suzanne Scott, who said: “If we hadn’t called Arizona our ratings would have been bigger.”

Fox mocks you by not telling you the truth. It banned media anchor Howard Kurtz from reporting on Dominion’s lawsuit. Fox isn’t actually news. Its product is propaganda. Its viewers are victims. Its purpose is profit.

Don’t let Fox disrespect and victimize you. Don’t let its lies tear America apart.

Michael P. Rush



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