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NC zoning bill, Brunswick Beacon

A set of bills put forward in the NC legislature would take away NC towns’ traditional rights to control local zoning and building. Instead, a statewide “one size fits all” set of rules would strongly favor developers. Town decisions still allowed would be subject to quick cut-off time-frames for approval of developers’ plans. Statewide rules like this would be disastrous here.

Why? Well, a key reason is that the wetlands that dot our coastal area are crucial to preventing flooding and coastal erosion. Filling those wetlands to build new homes increases flooding and shoreline erosion--which eventually can result in sky-high flood insurance rates, making it impossible for some citizens to keep existing homes. Filling wetlands can also have negative affects on marine life. Citizens who care about these things have a right to be heard as part of the process in which towns consider development plans — and that right should not be pushed aside by statewide rules.

Vacationers and retirees come to southeastern Brunswick County because of its natural beauty and lovely beaches, the opportunity to fish our waters, and the uniqueness of our historic town of Southport. Local businesses depend on this. But statewide rules that strongly favor developers--and take away towns’ rights to consider, debate, and resolve issues at the local level--could kill the goose that lays these golden eggs.

Please email NC State Senator Bill Rabon and NC State Congressman Charlie Miller. Ask them to vote NO on bills limiting towns’ rights to control zoning and building.

Judith Droitcour

Caswell Beach


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